Why Visit The Garden?

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  1. Wide Product Assortment
  2. Stylish Fresh Designs
  3. Ultimate Customization
  4. Super Low Prices
  5. Matching Design Sets
  6. Easy To Use Tools


Find out what you can do with Ink Garden and how to easily customize your designs.

Fast Service

We know everyone needs stuff fast, even if it is custom printed. We promise to get your order out quickly, usually in just a day or two.

Quality Assurance

It's simple: we want you to be totally happy with everything you print with us. If you're not, get in touch and we'll make it right.

Low Minimum Quantities

We understand that sometimes when you want something custom printed you only want one. We want to be able to do that for you at a decent price. We can't print just one of everything, but we try to keep our minimums just right.

Beautiful Papers

We've sourced papers with a look and feel that you'll love. We want them to be eco-friendly and top quality, all the better to show off your design.


We take your privacy seriously and encrypt all of your personal information using a secure server (SSL). We comply with all federal privacy regulations and use the latest security technologies to protect your information as if it were
our own.
User Comments
The ability to truly customize your products, combined with the variety of pre-made designs, puts this site above the rest!Jamie F.
I think the customization is fantastic. I love that I can move around the text, change the font, color, etc. I particularly like how I can use the color picker tool to match a color on the template.Amy K.
The designs of the products are very appealing, I especially like the "build your own design" for business cards. It allows for a lot of creativity.Anne S.
Great for business cards. And those prices WOW, what a deal!Michelle C.
Wide product
What beats the warm, fuzzy feeling of receiving a gift that's been specially personalized for you? Perhaps the pride in seeing your logo expertly displayed on gifts for your best clients? Whether you're looking for personalized presents or merchandise to enhance awareness of your brand, we've got products to suit every occasion. Take a look through the site: you can search by product or occasion to find the perfect mugs, blankets, cards, plates and many, many more. And don't forget to sign up for our newsletter, we're constantly striving to find new ways to print new products and it's the best way to find out the latest.
Stylish fresh designs
Need to create t-shirts for your softball team? A sleek and sophisticated wedding invitation or a professional calendar to communicate your brand? At Ink Garden you'll be able to find the perfect design to suit your event, business or home from our beautiful array of templates. Use them as the starting point for developing your own creation tailored to suit your personal or professional style. If you're the crafty type you can even start from scratch and create a design of your very own from our thousands of background patterns and clip art.
When we wanted to create personalized gifts, we visited all of the printing sites on the web, but just ended up downright frustrated. We found that 'customize' almost always meant that we could change the text and that was it. But we wanted a design that was just perfect and we don't think we're alone. So we made it our mission to create a site where the customer is in the driver's seat. Where if you want to change the colors, move things around, add photos or embellishments, you can do so. Ink Garden's designs are made in layers so each element can truly be customized with different backgrounds, clip art or your own photos. And our editing tools are really easy to use so you can take your creation to the next level in minutes with a design that reflects your personality, style or brand.
Super low prices
Beautiful design, printing, and papers should be affordable. That's our promise. We want to provide the best value around, even when you want to buy a small quantity of products personalized for you. We also think you should get our quantity discounts even when everything you buy is a little different. Want four different decks of playing cards or put four different names on a mug design? You still get our price break for buying four instead of one. You can count on us for great everyday value and for money saving offers that we will send your way. Sign up for our newsletter to find out our latest deals.
Matching design sets
At Ink Garden we're all about making you look good without making you work too hard. That's why we've created oodles of matching design sets that make it easy for you to develop a brand message for your business or a style for your home. When you browse our designs, you'll be able to see if they have any matching products on the design detail page. With our design sets your parties just got easier and your brand just got stronger.
Easy to use tools
Creating a totally customized look really shouldn't be difficult. We've created advanced editing tools that are intuitive, fun to use and allow you to play around and experiment with your creation until you get it just right. And no need to worry: if you do something that doesn't quite work, it's really easy to undo. Whether you're a computer whiz or an internet novice, we want you to be able to create the perfect design with our easy to use tools.